River Landing

River Landing Gallery

River Landing features two businesses for visitors to pretend and role-play. Through these exhibits and associated activities, visitors assume associated work tasks, roles and perspectives. Kids of all ages engage in role-playing, such as a shopper for produce at the River Market or a hungry customer or chef in the Blue Crab Diner.

Target Ages: Children 2 to 10

Goals and opportunities for learning:

  • Imagine themselves as store clerks, shoppers, chefs, cooks, guests at a restaurant, etc.
  • Participate in hands-on activities using their creativity and learning by doing
  • Create opportunities for visitors to interact with others – children and adults and play cooperatively
  • Exercise critical thinking skills and problem solve

Guests learn to handle practical, everyday tasks as well as healthy food choices and market concepts. Visitors role-play as the various grocery employees and participate in a mini-economy. River Market has a functioning cash register that enhances math skills as well as fully stocked shelves and backdrop to introduce food groups: produce, meat, baked and frozen goods.

Food caught in Little Lake Tots or purchased at River Market may end up on the stove of the Blue Crab Diner. With its food prep area, sink and stove, the Blue Crab Diner is always open for business. Guests can grab a prep apron or chef's hat to plan and cook up their favorite meals. The Diner's counter and bistro table allow the whole family to enjoy this imaginative culinary experience.