Little Lake Tots

Little Lake Tots Gallery

This dedicated tot area provides the littlest visitors with a safe, secure place to cuddle, roam, play and explore. Inspired by Lake Pontchartrain, come swim in the "Lake" or hop into a boat to fish or crab the Louisiana waterways. Little Lake Tots provides a colorful, crawl space for young visitors to explore and enjoy imaginative and physical play. It also offers opportunities for role-playing and using imagination. Within Little Lake Tots, visitors can also experience our Lighthouse and the S.S. CMST boat.

Target Ages: Infants to 10 years

Goals and opportunities for learning:

Toddlers will:

  • Play and have movement with safe padded areas to develop gross motor and coordination skills
  • Explore objects through all their senses

Children will:

  • Imagine life as fishermen, store clerks, chefs, boat captains, etc.
  • Solve practical everyday problems
  • Listen to and role-play stories from books, songs, etc.
  • Use imaginations for self-expression

Visitors can crawl into the lighthouse together with family members or new friends and read a book inside, share a story or work a puzzle. The Lighthouse is a go to spot for some quiet time.

Visitors can catch fish, shrimp and crabs from the S.S. CMST and imagine themselves as fishermen, lighthouse keepers, boat captains and other maritime professionals. Sensory play boards are located inside as well as a spinning helm to help imagine and navigate the journey. story or work a puzzle. The Lighthouse is a go to spot for some quiet time.