artworks gallery

ARTworks Gallery

ARTworks presents a fully outfitted art studio. This space features everything an artist could imagine: paint, modeling clay, oil, pastels, music and theater. Visitors engage senses, express creativity using a variety of media and materials and develop greater skills within an art inspired space. ARTworks encourages exploration of ideas and interests and interaction. A flexible furniture system allows constant reconfiguration for group work, art programs, and presentations from local artists. Within ARTworks, experience the Nautilus Stage for theatrical and musical self-expression.
Presented by The 100 Supper Club

Target Ages: All ages

Goals and opportunities for learning:

  • Engage senses to explore various art materials and mediums
  • Use imaginations for self-expression
  • Participate in collaborative and cooperative group activities for creating and innovating using a variety of materials

The Nautilus Stage provides a low platform for kids to jump on and perform. Props, costumes, puppets, musical instruments and rotating backdrops create an exciting area to perform and shine and the stage area serves well as a gathering spot for families and groups. Programming and events happen here and include Storytime at the Museum and Activity, dance, theatre, and more!
Presented by Kappa Delta Foundation