Argyle Design of Brooklyn Contracted as Exhibit Designer

May 12, 2014

The Children’s Museum of St. Tammany (CMST) announced today that it has contracted Argyle Design of Brooklyn, NY as exhibit designer for the 20,000 square foot interactive museum.  Argyle’s portfolio boasts such museums as the Children’s Museum of Houston, Boston Children’s Museum, American Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institution. 


Museum exhibit design is a specialized niche, and as such, CMST conducted a nationwide search to determine the best fit for the project.  Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) were sent to 14 firms across the country; responses were narrowed down to five agencies which then presented to CMST’s search team.  Of these, Argyle Design was selected to dream up the exhibits that will entertain, educate and inspire St. Tammany’s children. 


“Our goal is to accomplish this project using as much local talent and expertise as possible,” commented CMST Board member Ryan Myers.  “For example, we are excited to be working with Fauntleroy Latham Weldon Barré (fl+WB) of Covington on the museum’s Architectural Master Site Plan.  fl+WB have been our architectural guides since the project’s inception and their work will dovetail nicely with the exhibit designs to be produced by Argyle.”


“Argyle Design’s impressive depth of experience and creative approach makes them the perfect fit for this project,” enthused Lisa Barnett, president of the CMST Board of Trustees.  “The principals Cheryl Bartholow and Michael Joyce have major museum-world pedigree but also possess a charm and whimsy that we are confident will resonate with our kids.”


In the coming weeks, Argyle will make a return trip to St. Tammany to conduct a series of charettes in which they will meet with various community stakeholders including the CMST Board of Trustees, Advisory Board and Council; exhibit and museum sponsors; parish government; the Junior League of Greater Covington; education leaders and children.


“We are so excited for Cheryl and Michael of Argyle to meet with the educators, the parents, and particularly, the kids of St. Tammany,” remarked Barnett.  “Their creative process is fascinating and it will be incredible to see the ideas and suggestions put forth by the community come to life in their exhibits.  This will truly be a museum built specifically for—and unique to—the children of St. Tammany Parish.”


“It’s a privilege to be part of this wonderful new institution, which will so creatively connect the St. Tammany community both to its history and its future,” remarked Cheryl Bartholow of Argyle.


About Argyle Design


Argyle Design has a reputation for inventing successful and exciting new ways for audiences of every age to learn, play and create together. They are a full-service, Brooklyn-based design firm with particular experience in designing creative, hands-on environments and activities for children and families. For more information about Argyle Design, please visit