Scheduled Events

Weekly Programming

Story & Activity Hour on Wednesdays @ 11am (For all ages)

  • Listen to a story rhyme and get creative with an activity to take home.

Saturday Sing-A-Long @ 10:30am & 2:30pm (For all ages) 

  • Interactive music time!  Children will learn rhymes of all kinds, sing songs and be encouraged to wiggle and move.  Music time connects learning to movement for children of all ages.

STEAM Sundays @ 1pm (For all ages)

  • Through science, technology, engineering, art or math, expect to experience the power of play with a hands on activity that parents can enjoy as well!  Beneficial for children of all ages.

Dates to Know

March 18th--Closed to the public until 12 noon for a private event.  Open from 12pm-5pm that day.


March 24th--Closed to the public until 1pm for a private event.  Open from 1pm-5pm that day.


March 31st--The George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts will be reading a book and conducting an activity with our guests.  Begins at 2pm and is open to general admission.

childrens museum rendering